What courses should I take first?

Many agents ask us this question, so we’ve come up with a list of courses we recommend you start with if you’re new to The Alliance. These courses will introduce you to our company, our CEO Andy Albright and important information you’ll need to become successful with NAA. We hope you enjoy your training!

121 – Carrier Placement

vidplace1@2xThe NAA Placement course is your guide to placing better business. An agent’s placement is used to measure their performance. Your income will fall if you don’t have most of your submitted policies placed. Whereas, if you can get more policies placed, your income and placement will increase and you’ll get more recognition from The Alliance.

Because you are in control of your own business, you need to understand how your Placement Rate is calculated at The Alliance. This course can help you better understand placement and how to increase your Placement Rate. You’ll get to see a great training video of Andy Albright explaining this concept.

122 – Carrier Persistency

In the life insurance industry and at The Alliance, we use persistency to measure performance. The concept is very simple; if you can’t get policies placed and keep policies on the books your persistency, placement and income falls with it. Whereas, if you can get policies placed and remain on the books, your persistency and placement rises along with your income and recognition within The Alliance.

You are the CEO of your own business. In order to manage your business well, you will need to master how persistency is calculated. This course will equip and encourage you to achieve better persistency. This course includes a video from Andy Albright about how to calculate Persistency with the Alliance.

123 – Mortgage & Final Expense In-Home Presentation (ATM)

The “Alliance Training Manual” (ATM) is what we like to call an “income producing machine” for our agents. This course will teach you how to sell more efficiently and effectively when meeting with clients. The ATM course includes videos from some of the Alliance’s top producers. You will be able to watch as these top producers use the ATM when meeting with clients. This ATM course will help guide you to becoming the next big producer at The Alliance!

124 – Appointment Setting & Phone Scripts

This course provides an amazing opportunity for you! You will be able to watch and listen as some of the Alliance’s top agents dial through leads and sets actual appointments. They will not only dial through his leads, but they will also provide some amazing training to help you set more and better appointments! This course also features some training from President’s Club Manager, Justin Tripp.

181 – Mutual of Omaha Term Life Express

The Mutual of Omaha (MoO) Term Life Express (TLE) is one of the primary products Alliance agents use for mortgage term protection. Therefore, taking this course will allow you to better serve your clients and help you get a paycheck fast! In this course, we’ve even included an instructional video from The Alliance’s Product Specialist, Gina Hawks. So hurry and take this course so that you can be better equipped to assist your clients who want to purchase a term life insurance product.

183 – Foresters PlanRight

In this course, Gina Hawks, the Alliance’s Product Specialist, will teach you all you need to know about the Foresters Plan Right product. This is an excellent product for you to offer your clients who are looking to cover all of their final expense costs. Once you sign up for this course, you will be able to watch a video of Gina teaching you step by step how this product works and how to best use it to protect your clients.

184 – Foresters Strong Foundation

Take this course to learn all about one of our top selling Term products, Foresters Strong Foundation. This is an excellent product to offer your clients because of its affordable rates and member benefits. Included in this course is a training video hosted by The Alliance’s own Training Specialist, Gina Hawks. After taking this course you will be ready to protect your clients with one of our most popular products!

185 – CFG SafeShield

CFG Safeshield is one of our top selling term life insurance products! Due to its popularity among the Alliance’s top agents, we have designated it a required course in order to pass Alliance University’s Education Requirements. This course includes a step by step training video featuring our very own Product Specialist, Gina Hawks. After watching this video you will be well prepared to sell and protect your clients with this excellent product!

186 – CFG Dignified Choice

One of our most popular final expense products is CFG’s Dignified choice. This is a great product for you to learn and use to help protect your clients against the high costs of a traditional funeral. Since Dignified Choice is one of our top selling final expense products, this course has been designated as one of the education requirements for Alliance University. After registering for this course, you will be provided with an informative training video from Gina Hawks, Product Specialist for The Alliance, on how to best use Dignified Choice. Once you have completed the course, you will be ready to your provide your clients with coverage and start making more sales!

281 – Intro to Annuities

This course, taught by Gina Hawks, will help you understand what an annuity is, how it works, who might be a suitable candidate for an annuity, and how they can benefit from it. This course also features a bonus video which includes annuity sales tips. We recommend that you take this course to learn the basics of annuities before you take our carrier-specific annuity courses.