NAA University is a product of our company’s dedication to agent training, and is the result of a collaborative effort of many of the staff members at National Agents Alliance’s corporate office. Through hard work and research, we’ve created this training portal in an effort to mimic the stellar in-person training from some of our most successful and profitable agency managers. As work continues, we hope to create a training program that is second to none in the insurance industry.

  • Jay AKA “The Wizard / Coach” decides what to do and makes sure it gets done.

    Jay Daugherty

    Creative Director

  • Gina has developed training curriculums from scratch for national insurance agencies.

    Gina Hawks

    Product & Sales

  • Donna is the new agents best friend. Able to share tips on how to find the best new agent training available

    Donna Pettigrew

    Academic Advisor

  • Barry is the NAA Artist. He can create anything from a wilson volleyball to a ghostbuster pack!

    Barry Stephenson


  • Ryan specializes in Front End Design, stressing the use of CSS3 and new html5 standards. He is also designing mobile web sites, which is viewable on any mobile device.

    Ryan Wagner

    Web Designer

  • Greg works with marketing of products or services over the Internet along with reputation management.

    Greg Brunick

    Director of Online Marketing

  • Clay makes sure the LPT is always bringing you the very best!

    Clay Mertes

    Lead Crew Chief

  • Mac is responsible for producing press releases about news and events going on with NAA and Andy Albright.

    Mac Heffner

    Press Secretary

  • Briana gives you the secrets to lower your lead costs and increase your sales commission!

    Briana Wallace

    LPT Crew

  • Cisco strives to make the impossible possible, and the possible better.

    Cisco Vera

    Senior Web Developer