Alliance University Help Page

Need help? In the sections below, we answered some of our most frequently ased questions. Watch the videos to see if they answer your questions. If not, email us at

Why can’t I log into NAA University?

To access Alliance University courses you must be an agent with The Alliance. If you are an agent, your username will be your NAA number, like you see below. Your password will be the same password you use to log into

Example username: NAA123456

If you still can’t log in, your information may be pending in our system. You may need to sign your agent agreement on in order for your information to enter our system.

If you are not an agent and would like to become one, learn more at

How do I access my courses?

  1. First, add the courses you want to your cart, including free courses.
  2. Go to your cart and complete the checkout process. Even if your courses are free, you still have to complete the checkout process. You will not be charged for free courses. The checkout process helps Coach and Gina keep track of the most popular courses and helps the Alliance University team make improvements so that you have the best training experience.
  3. Last, go to your “My Courses” page to access your courses. This page can be found under the “Courses” tab at the top of the page.

Still have questions? Contact us at We’ll be in touch with you soon to answer your questions.