NAA Educational Resources

The Alliance Educational Resources: National Agents Alliance believes in offering constant, quality educational opportunities to its agents. Many of these options are available to agents at little or no charge. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity to equip yourself for success.

Gina L. Hawks, FLMI,
CSA Product Specialist & Sales Consultant

Gina HawksGina Hawks is the Product Specialist and Sales Consultant for The Alliance. Hawks has worked in the insurance industry for over 16 years. The majority of this time has been spent helping agents with product information, sales techniques and case strategies. Gina regularly hosts the weekly product training conference call, and also hosts regular training webinars on the products offered by our life insurance carriers. Gina also travels the country providing training at local Hotspots, Click here to see when Gina will be teaching in your area.

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Advanced Resources

In our Advanced Resources section, find some of the tools and worksheets Andy Albright uses in private training sessions with agents.
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Underwriting Grids

These resources are mobile-optimized versions of our underwriting grids. If you have an internet connection, you can use this tool in the home to determine which products are available for your clients. When you access this tool, be sure to add it to the home screen of your mobile device or tablet for easy and quick access in the future. Go to Underwriting Grids

Product Pocket Guide

This resource is a mobile optimized product guide. Provided you have an internet connection you can use this tool in the home to determine which product best fits your client’s needs. This guide lists all available products that The Alliance provides and is separated into product types. A brief description of each product is listed as well. Go to Pocket Product Guide

Quoting Tools

Quoting ToolsVisit our quoting tools page and become familiar with the tools you’ll need to generate product quotes for your clients.  This page includes a list of tools from a few of our most common carriers, including those who offer mobile-optimized tools and apps which can be accessed quickly for your mobile phone or tablet. Go to Quoting Tools

AU Glossary

AU GlossaryIt can be hard to learn The Alliance lingo, so we have set up a glossary to help you learn more about what some of the strange phrases and acronyms we use actually mean.
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Lead Performance Team

The Lead Perfomance TeamThe Lead Performance Team is one of our agents’ most important resources. LPT assists agents in discovering areas to expand their business and offer innovative tools to aid agents in recruiting new team members. In addition to assisting agents with expansion, they also provide comprehensive customer service to all agents. The Lead Performance Team provides wide-ranging training and support for general technical questions and concerns.
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President’s Club

NAA President's ClubThe NAA President’s Club is composed of an elite group of agents within The Alliance who are using the NAA system to become incredibly successful by providing American families with the best insurance coverage available. By moving up to presidential status, agents are given all the resources needed to build their success, as well as pass it along to others. Aside from access to helpful resources like NAAtv, President’s Club members are taught to be leaders. To discover all the benefits of being a member, visit:

Alliance HotSpots

NAA HotspotsEvery week, Alliance managers host meetings all over the country, which include live in-person product and sales training from Gina Hawks or one of our top agency managers. is where agents find out when and where the meetings are happening. With the “Hey Y’all, Watch This” alert feature on, agents can be notified of new meetings within a specified radius of their home or office!
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WebCEWebCE® is the leading insurance continuing education provider in North America. Each year we deliver over 600,000 insurance CE courses. Our nationwide catalog includes the largest selection of state-specific self-study insurance courses, including annuity suitability training, long-term care partnership training, national flood insurance program CE and training, ethics, law, and many more.
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Alliance Online Store

NAA Online StoreYour premier source for Alliance-endorsed books and media, the Alliance store offers recordings of talks from national events and bootcamps for sale. These recordings are available for purchase on CD, MP3 disc or DVD. In addition to the selection of training media, the Alliance Store offers volumes of books for sale from authors such as John Maxwell, Jon Gordon, Napoleon Hill and more.
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