How to Set Up a GMR

The Lead Performance TeamThe Lead Performance Team is one of our agent’s most important resources. They assist agents in discovering areas to expand their business, and offer innovative tools to aid agents in recruiting new team members. In addition to assisting agents with expansion, they also provide comprehensive customer service to all agents. The Lead Performance Team provides wide-ranging training, and provides support for general technical questions and concerns.

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At National Agent’s Alliance, agents are afforded a variety of lead purchasing options online. Agents can purchase leads instantly via our Instant Purchase Page. This unique system utilizes the US map to allow agents to visually filter leads by state and county.  Using this tool, agents can purchase leads instantly in a format similar to other commonly used online purchase formats. Additionally, The Lead Performance Team provides busy agents with the option to “set it and forget it” when they initiate a Geographical Marketing Request (GMR). GMRs are standing orders for leads that ensure that agents receive leads consistently each week. Each purchasing option has the ability to be further customized with the Pre-Destined Lead system. This delivery system is the most innovative and efficient way to distribute leads. Pre-Destined Leads are automatically delivered to agents as soon as they are ordered. Plus, Speed Leads and Call-In leads are sent directly to agent’s email account as soon as they are received.

Because the lead system is so sophisticated and complex, The Lead Performance Team has developed the Lead Certification class, which provides in- depth lead training to our agents. The Lead Certification Class provides a complete look at our lead system from generation to distribution. Beginning with the basics of data collection, the course walks agents through how leads are created, what lead types are offered, and how to purchase leads through NAA’s unique Instant Purchase system. Additionally, The Lead Team Instructors walk agents through the Online Allocation System (OASys) and help trouble shoot common concerns, providing new information to even the most seasoned agents. As an added bonus, agents are offered inside information about un-tapped features of the lead system, and are presented with new strategies to help stretch their lead budget.