Getting Started Quickly

This tutorial is a short-cut designed to jump-start your business leading you to your first sale! Instructional videos, scripts and links are provided, as well as tips for tracking your progress. As you grow and take courses through Alliance University you may see some of this content again in various courses. We have compiled the best resources to get you READY TO SELL…FAST, in four easy segments:

  1. Phone script
  2. In-home presentation
  3. Product
  4. Dials

Part 1: Phone Script

Making dials and using a script is a good way to learn, but in reality you will encounter objections. In this video (taken from Course #124) you will learn how to handle some of the most common objections you will encounter when making dials, and walks you through how to get past them and get to your client’s real issues.

Dialing Made Simple with Terry Edwards & Chris Hill


Phone Script Basics with Belle Crause

Please Click Here for a copy of Terry’s phone script.
Please Click Here for a copy of the general phone script.
Please Click Here for Choose your Weekly Income Sheet
Do you need leads to dial? Contact the Lead Performance Team at

Part 2: In-home Presentation

The video in this section was taken from Course #123 and demonstrates perfectly how to make your presentation in the home. The first contains strategic selling points for Mortgage Protection.

This link is a file that covers the entire ATM for both Mortgage Protection and Final Expense product presentation.

Download the ATM in English or in Spanish
Downlaod the Fact Finder/ Green Sheet

Part 3: Learning Products

In this video, we compare the popular products highlighted below. We cover a lot of information, so take good notes!

New agents can fill out an e-app with foresters before they have a writing number, use an 8 in front of your naa number. Example naa123456 is 8123456 for e-apps, that will be your foresters number.

Knowing which product to present to your clients is crucial. This segment provides you with key highlights from three of our carriers, comparing their mortgage protection product and final expense product.

These links will be very useful for providing quotes and completing applications!
Please Click Here for Quoting Tools for all carriers.
Click Here to Learn How to Access Carrier Supplies.
Click Here to Learn How to Assemble Your “Milk Crate.”

TERM PRODUCTS (click to enlarge)

vid images

FINAL EXPENSE PRODUCTS (click to enlarge)

vid images

Part 4: Making Dials

You cannot make money without making sales. You cannot make sales without making dials. In this video, Robbie Craft provides realistic expectations as you call through your leads.


Important things to remember when making dials:

  • Track your numbers
  • Dial each number 3 times
  • Do not leave voicemails
  • Stick to the script
  • After 5 contacts call the person training you
  • Send your total numbers to the person training you

Please Click Here To Download Blank Sheets for tracking your dial activity.

Congratulations! You have completed the short-cut for Getting Started Fast! You are ready to make dials, overcome objections, set appointments and track your progress! What are you waiting for?