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In order to sell insurance, you must first be LICENSED. Alliance University is an ongoing resource for licensed agents to develop their professional skills and knowledge. It is NOT a resource to satisfy state specific licensing requirements. Below is a list of the licensing providers who have partnered with The Alliance to help you study for your state life insurance license exam.


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Wouldn’t you like to get a pre-license training course for FREE! Good News, XCEL Testings Solutions is willing to refund your money, if you refer three people to us within the first 30 days. Sign up for your training program, and establish a new Manager Account. Use your new Discount Code to refer three people to XCEL Testing within the first 30-days and you’ll be reimbursed for your training!

XCEL Testing Solutions – PREPARING PEOPLE TO PASS $49.99

Available in 100% Spanish

Bells and whistles are great if you are training circus animals… but when it comes to passing insurance exams, all you really need to know is how to pass the test! Not all training courses are created equal. Most training courses today offer bloated and outdated material. It’s easy to get lost sifting through hundreds of pages of material, not knowing which are the most important sections. Our training program cuts out all the “bologna” and teaches you how to pass the test. With material that is “boiled down to the essense” of what’s on the exam, you’ll be in the field making money in no time (our material is less than half of most providers)!

Our study material is designed to do one thing and one thing only – Prepare you to Pass: “If it’s not on the state test, you won’t see it in our training course”. XCEL Testing Solutions offers a very refreshing approach to pre-license education. Our streamlined content gets directly to the most important information on the state exam FAST, and then teaches you how to pass the exam (without wasting your time)!

Avoid the pages after pages of information online that you will never see on your state exam, and experience a cutting edge training course boasting some of the highest pass rates within the industry. FACT: There is a direct correlation between how long it takes an individual to complete a pre-license training course and first time pass rates. Our streamlined content allows you to complete the training FAST… half the material = half the time = making money FASTER!

Our three part training course gives you the all the tools to pass on the first try. Our special PREP REVIEW course (Part two), unique to XCEL Testing Solutions, teaches you how to pass the exam! Our Exam Simulator (Part Three) is designed to spoon feed you the questions which are KNOWN to be on the state exam.

  • HD Video Content
  • Study Guide / Study Calendar
  • 100% Mobile Compatible
  • Chapter Quizzes
  • Cliff Notes
  • Video Library
  • Exam Simulator
  • 24/7 Access
  • PREP Review Course – Teaches you how to pass the exam!
  • 100% Spanish Training Courses


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License Coach

license_coach_logo_newHOT PROMOTION: Three for Free!
After enrolling, you’ll have 30-days to refer three people to License Coach. If you successfully refer three people within the 30-day timeframe, License Coach will refund the cost of your course.

License Coach provides the step-by step education, training, coaching, and Certification to obtain your insurance license. Designed for simplicity, materials are broken into small study sessions or “Bite Size Chunks” to help maximize retention (nobody wants to feel as if they’re “drinking from a fire hose”). Innovative technologies and rich multimedia provide a very engaging and educationally entertaining program. Utilizing the latest state-specific and provider-specific test information allows you to rest easy knowing you have everything required to pass! Subject Matter Experts are available to answer any questions you might have along the way. COACH JENNY and our COACHING STAFF provide helpful study tipsimportant state exam advice, and motivational support to help complete the training quickly (roughly 7 – 10 days)!

THE ALLIANCE receives every powerful study aid offered for $49!

  • Coach Jenny Tutorial Video
  • On-Demand National Cram Sessions
  • iTunes/mp3 Audio Course
  • Quizzes
  • Review Course
  • Smart phone/Tablet Friendly
  • Audio & Video Library
  • Flashcards
  • Cram Sheets – pre-printed notes
  • Simulated FINAL EXAM
  • Study Guide
  • 24/7 access


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PMReviewDoes your state have pre-license requirements???

Many states DO NOT require any pre-license hours prior to sitting for the exam; 24 states to be exact. Don’t spend the time or money on courses that are unnecessary.

The PMReview ZoomPack is ALL YOU NEED in states that do not have certificate requirements. Or, in states that do, add the ZoomPack as a supplement to complete your insurance exam preparation*. You will be glad you did.

$29.95 – PMReview ZoomPack (30-Day Access) ALL STATES

ZoomPack includes:
PMReview800 – State-specific, interactive, 800-Question Practice Exam and Review
ZoomBook – (PDF) The L&H Insurance License Exam Study Guide
ZoomCourse – Online Video Review ‘Crash’ Course

* Online/Classroom Courses with Certificate of Completion are also available.

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