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The Alliance provides Alliance University as a starting point for those who seek to dominate in the field of insurance sales, and consequently live the lifestyle that successful people live. Inside you’ll find all you need to get started as an agent for The Alliance; information ranging from how to pass your state’s insurance licensing exam, to NAA’s own complete guide to success. At The Alliance, we take our business of protecting families with mortgage protection, life insurance and retirement protection seriously. That’s why Alliance University is serious training for those serious about success in life insurance.

Andy S. Albright

Andy AlbrightPresident, The Alliance University
1214 Turrentine St.,
Burlington, NC 27215
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Gina L. Hawks, FLMI, CSA

Gina HawksProd. Spec. & Sales Cons.
Trinity, Florida
336.212.2041 (Cell)
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CoachCompany Get-er-in-Shaper
1214 Turrentine St.,
Burlington, NC 27215
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AU Team

NAAU TeamAU Team
1214 Turrentine St.,
Burlington, NC 27215
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