Quoting Tools

The following tools have been created and maintained by each company individually, so please refer to the corresponding contact information for troubleshooting.

SafeShield App for Android Devices: Go to your Play Store (Google Play) and enter “Safeshield” in the key word search.
After you download, use the password cfgsit to run the application.
SafeShield App for Apple Devices: Send an email request to
(CFG will email you a link that will allow you
to download the app.)
Agent Services: 1-800-423-9765

Step 1: Install Winflex 6
Step 2: Install Desired Products (Life and/or Health)
Step 3: Run Internet Update
(Visit the MoO Carrier Page for detailed instructions)
Mutual of Omaha Mobile Quote Tool
Mutual of Omaha Support: 1-800-693-6083
F&G Support: 1-800-445-6758

TransWare Final Expense available at: www.agentnetinfo.com
Transamerica Mobile Quote Tool
Transamerica Agent Support: 1-877-234-4848
In order to access Phoenix online quoting tools, follow this link:
Phoenix Online Quoting Tools
(Select “Click Here” to login)
**Agents have to register for Phoenix’s website (being contracted is NOT required to register)
Phoenix Support: 888-794-4447 option 1

Click the following link to access Kemper’s sample rates:
Kemper Sample Rates
Kemper Support: 855-516-8528
Follow this link to access NGL’s quoting tools:
NGL Online Quoting Tools
(Android and iPhone apps are available at the above link, but also require login)
**Agents have to log into NGL’s website in order to use the mobile quoting tools
NGL Support: 800-988-0826

Great Western
Follow this link to access Great Western’s quoting tools:
Great Western Quoting Tool