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Information contained within is a general overview. Check state specific applications & carrier underwriting guidelines for details for each state.

CFG SafeShield ResultsForesters Strong Foundation ResultsMoO Term Life Express ResultsPhoenix Safe Harbor Express Results
Time PeriodTime PeriodTime PeriodTime Period
advised to have surgery, diagnostic testing other than routine, treatment or other procedure which has not been done heart catheterization or biopsy needs to postpone until results are received if in past 2 yrs, call underwriting call underwriting 12 mo, also in past 5 yrs consulted with Dr or hospitalized or treated for any other health condition other than routine physical checkups, eye, employment or FAA exams = contact an underwriter Decline if past 12 mo Decline if
alcohol treatment or advised to limit or discontinue use in past 5 yrs or relapse Decline if in past 5 yrs. Also alcohol related pancreatitis. Decline if in past 10 yrs Decline if less than 5 yrs from end of use/treatment Decline if
Alzheimer's, dementia EVER Decline if EVER Decline if EVER also mental incapacity Decline if EVER Decline if
Amputation Due to diabetes is a decline. Permanent use of walker, wheelchair, scooter is decline. Otherwise, OK caused by disease. Caused by injury is OK. Decline if caused by disease Decline if caused by disease Decline if
Aneurysm 10 yrs for heart aneurysm Decline if EVER Decline if EVER, cerebral, aortic or thoracic Decline if EVER Decline if
applied for/received disability, hospital or medical benefits from any ins co, gov, employer or other source N/A OK for disibility only, call underwriting call underwriting 12 mo, except maternity, fractures, spinal or back disorders Decline if past 3 yrs, unable to work at regular job for more than 30 consecutive days due to disability or currently unable to work call underwriting
Assistance with ADLs (bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, getting in & out of chair/bed, management of bowel/bladder problems N/A OK EVER Decline if 12 mo Decline if EVER Decline if
Bipolar depression, schizophrenia Ever for bipolar if on meds, bipolar w/o meds/treatment/visited Dr in past 10 years is OK, Down's syndrome, mental retardation or schizophrenia. 3 yrs for moderate to severe depression. Decline if EVER. Also severe, major depression is a decline. Decline if taking Lithium, Seroquel, Abilify or Respidol. Decline if EVER also mental incapacity Decline if Bipolar - if taking 3+ medications or hospitalization in past 2 yrs is decline. Schizophrenia is always a decline. Decline if
Cancer, leukemia, melanoma or any other internal cancer Ever for Hodgkins, leukemia, liver or pancreatic, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, liver or lung. All others if less than 5 yrs since treatment. If the cancer has spread to the regional lymph nodes or adjacent structure or if there is any metastasis = decline. All cancers stages 2, 3 or 4 is a decline. Although Carcinoma in situ and cancer that is confined to the tissue or organ of origin can be considered after 5 years since diagnosis or treatment , medical records may be needed to make the determination if the risk is an acceptable risk Decline if treatment in past 10 yrs. Cancer with treatment completed over 10 yrs with no recurrence or recommended treatment is OK. All other cancer including Hodgkins Lymphoma is declined (except basal cell skin) Decline if EVER, except basal cell or squamous cell skin cancer Decline if If diagnosis & end of treatment is over 5 yrs ago it's OK. Otherwise, decline. Leukemia, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma & multiple myeloma is always decline.
Carotid artery surgery, lap band surgery, gastric bypass N/A OK Artery blockage is a decline. Gastric bypass is OK after 1 yr with weight stabilized Gastric bypass after 1 yr is OK, any gastrointestinal bleeding in past 12 mo is decline. OK Carotid disease is possibly accept, call underwriting. Gastric bypass with surgery >6 mo ago without complications is usually OK (rate for build). Doesn't specifically mention lap band surgery. Decline or call underwriting
Cerebral palsy Ever for diseases of brain Decline if EVER Decline if Severe is decline. Mild/moderate is OK Decline or OK EVER Decline if
check height/weight chart YES YES YES YES
Chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease with dialysis EVER Decline if EVER Decline if EVER Decline if EVER also renal transplant/failure & chronic glomerulonephritis. Decline if
Chronic lung disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, sarcoidosis or cystic fibrosis Ever for moderate/severe asthma if smoker or with complications, emphysema & COPD if moderate/severe or if a smoker or with complications. 10 yrs for sarcoidosis. Ever for any degenerative muscle & nerve disease/disorder Decline if also asthma if severe or hospitalized. Acute bronchitis is OK. Sarcoidosis is pulmonary only. Sleep apnea - if in past 3 yrs diagnosed/treated/meds/tested positive or received medical advice, call underwriting. Decline if EVER (except mild asthma) also COPD Decline if EVER for pulmonary fibrosis/hypertension & bronchiectasis. Pulmonary embolism two or fewer episodes fully recovered is OK. Bronchitis OK. Mild sarcoidosis (stage 0-1, asymptomatic) is OK. COPD & emphysema is decline if on oxygen treatment or oral steroids or tobacco use in past 12 mo, otherwise possibly OK - call underwriting. Asthma is decline if hospitalized 10+ days in past yr. Decline if
consulted Dr for chronic cough, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, gastrointestinal bleeding N/A OK for chronic cough, call underwriting. If associated with COPD = decline. 12 mo (unexplained weight loss has to be greater than 10 lbs & not due to diet/exercise) Decline if past 5 yrs for gastrointestinal disease only call underwriting
Convicted of DUI drugs or alcohol, reckless driving if over 3 years since one & only DUI = OK. Otherwise, decline OK or decline Single DUI within 12 mo or 2 DUI within 5 yrs is a decline. Also, suspended or revoked drivers license in past 5 yrs. Decline if past 5 years, also 4 or more moving violations Decline if past 2 years, also license suspended or revoked, pled guilty or convicted of more than 2 moving violations Decline if
convicted or incarcerated for felony in past 3 yrs for probation, parole, arrest, convicted, pled guilty to any crime or possession or distribution of drugs/illegal substances Decline if if jail time has been served, will consider 5 yrs after parole. For criminal activity with no jail time, will consider 1 yr after probation or parole. in past 10 years, convicted of or currently awaiting trial for a felony Decline if currently incarcerated, on parole or probation & in past 5 years convicted or pled guilty of a felony Decline if
Coronary artery disease, heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty, stent 10 yrs, also aneurysm, angina, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, congenital, congestive heart failure, valve repl, valve disorder, pacemaker or defibrillator Decline if EVER, also angina, aortic & mitral insufficiency & stenosis, arrhythmia, blockage, pacemaker, congestive heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, murmur (murmur's that are "innocent" with no symptoms & no treatment are OK.) Decline if EVER, also valvular heart disease with repair or replacement, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease/failure, abnormal heart rhythm, pacemaker Decline if EVER, also angina pectoris, aortic aneurysm, murmurs/insufficiency, pacemaker, cardiomyopathy, chest pain, congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction, bundle branch block (LBBB), defibrillator, pulmonary hypertension/fibrosis, valve replacement. Atrial fibrillation if diagnosed over 2 yrs, without current treatment & current age 50+ is OK, otherwise is decline. Decline if
Currently confined to hospital or medical facility currently, also bedridden Decline if If in past 5 years call underwriting, otherwise OK OK or call underwriting last 12 months Decline if currently, also assisted living, home health care, hospice, nursing home Decline if
Diabetes Insulin (type I) - all under age 50, ages 51 to 59 with duration 6+ yrs, ages 60 to 69 with duration 25+ yrs, any complications: circulation, eye, kidney, insulin shock, coma, leg ulcers, amputation, poor control, smokers, combo of diabetes with coronary artery disease or ratable build. Type II - all under age 30, ages 31-39 with duration 6+ yrs, ages 40-49 with duration 16+ yrs, any complications as already listed, smokers in combo with diabetes ages 50 & under Decline if At any age with insulin, poor control, any treatment with height/weight exceeding fully underwritten build chart, also complications w/heart, kidney, vascular, neuro is a decline. Otherwise, for diabetes treated with ORAL MEDS or DIET: OK if good control, non-smoker or < 1 pack/day, height/weight doesn't exceed fully underwritten build chart. Also OK if current age 30-39 with duration since diagnosis < 5 yrs; current age 40-49 with duration since diagnosis < 15 yrs; current age 50-59 with duration since diagnosis < 25 yrs & current age 60+ with any duration since diagnosis. Diabetes treated with INSULIN is a decline at any age. Decline if Under age 50 is automatic decline. Above age 50 with table 2 or higher build, tobacco or peripheral vascular disease (PVD) is decline. All others should contact underwriting. Decline if (or contact underwriting) Under age 30 is decline. Decline if in past 2 yrs diagnosed/treated/meds for insulin shock, coma, amputation, eye or kidney problems due to complications from diabetes. Gestational diabetes is OK if fully recovered, no treatment. All others call underwriting.
Diseases of brain, peripheral arterie EVER Decline if Ever for Alzheimer's, dementia Decline if Ever for bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, dementia, mental incapacity Decline if Peripheral vascular disease with tobacco use, surgically corrected, more than 1 limb Decline if
Epilepsy, seizures past year Decline if in past 2 yrs is decline, after 2 yrs if controlled on meds, no seizures & no complications is OK Decline if Decline only if severe and frequent grand mal seizures. Otherwise, OK. EVER for severe, if diagnosed within last yr or hospitalized within past 2 yrs. Decline if
HIV, AIDS EVER, also ARC Decline if EVER Decline if EVER Decline if EVER Decline if
hospitalized for high Blood Pressue N/A OK call underwriting call underwriting past 10 years Decline if call underwriting call underwriting
hospitalized for mental/nervous disorder ever for any disease of brain. Psychiatric disorders in past 10 yrs. Decline if If in past 5 years call underwriting, otherwise OK call underwriting or OK past 10 years Decline if taking 3+ medications or hospitalized in past 2 years. Severe PTSD is decline. Decline if
Immune system or connective tissue disease/disorder EVER Decline if Marfan's syndrome & spina bifida is a decline. N/A OK usually a decline call underwriting
Liver disease, cirrhosis, Hepatitus B or C EVER Decline if EVER Decline if EVER Decline if EVER Decline if
motor sports racing, boat racing, parachuting/skydiving, hang gliding, base jumping rock/mtn climbing N/A OK in past 2 yrs or next 2 yrs, call underwriting. Also for scuba diving, ballooning, ultra light flying & flown or flying as a student pilot or licensed pilot. call underwriting in the next 2 years Decline if past 2 yrs or in next 2 yrs also scuba diving, cave exploration, heli skiing, ultra light flying & boxing. Also, flown as a pilot, student pilot or crewmember. call underwriting
Organ transplant EVER, also bone marrow Decline if usually a decline unless it has been several years ago, then call underwriting Decline or call underwriting EVER Decline if EVER Decline if
Pancreas EVER Decline if alcohol related or chronic (single attack, acute > 1yr ago, non alcohol related, no complications are OK) Decline if chronic only Decline if single episode, fully recovered, no evidence of alcohol abuse is OK. Otherwise is decline.
Parkinson's, Demyelinating disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington's Hydrocephalus, Downs, Autism or any other disease of the central nervous system EVER for Parkinsons, degenerative muscle or nerve disorder. Multiple sclerosis, Downs, mental retardation in past 10 yrs diagnosis/follow up, progressive or relapsing, (doesn't mention autism) Decline if EVER, also muscular dystrophy (doesn't mention autism or Huntington's) Decline if EVER also Lou Gehrig's (ALS), muscular dystrophy Decline if Parkinsons is a decline. MS under age 45 decline. MS age 45+ is possible accept, call underwriting. Autism highly functioning & living independently is OK. ALS is a decline. Nervous disorders if taking 3+ meds or hospitalization in past 2 yrs is decline. Decline if
physical, occupational or speech therapy N/A OK N/A OK 12 mo Decline if N/A OK
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) call underwriting call underwriting single episode & mild is OK, otherwise call underwriting mild-moderate is OK, severe is decline
Quadriplegia, paraplegia EVER Decline if EVER EVER Decline if EVER Decline if
Received or advised to receive care in nursing home, assisted living, adult day care, home health N/A OK call underwriting call underwriting 12 mo Decline if currently Decline if
Rheumatoid arthritis if severe & required follow up Decline if moderate/severe, RX include Humira, Embrel, Prednisone. Mild with no limitations is OK. Decline if Moderate/severe treated with Humira, Embrel or Methotrexate Decline if treated with Enbrel, Remicade or Humira. Osteoporosis under age 45 & 2+ bone fractures and/or falls is decline. Decline if
sickle cell anemia EVER Decline if call underwriting call underwriting EVER Decline if EVER Decline if
Stroke in past year, ever if under age 40 when occurred, ever for all ages with moderate/severe residuals, also 10 yrs for heart aneurysm Decline if EVER Decline if EVER, also ministroke, cerebral or symptomatic aneurysm, TIA Decline if EVER Decline if
Systemic lupus or scleroderma Systemic lupus if less than 5 yrs with meds is a decline. Scleroderma is connective tissue disease & automatic decline. Decline if EVER for systemic lupus (doesn't specifically mention scleroderma) Decline if EVER for lupus is a decline, scleroderma localized is OK Decline if EVER for erythematosus lupus (SLE). Lupus (discoid) is OK. Doesn't specifically mention scleroderma. Decline if
Ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease Moderate/severe colitis, Crohn's if less than 3 yrs since last flare up Decline if colitis is decline, Crohn's is accept if >5 yrs in remission colitis if 1 yr since diagnosis or major attack, over age 20, call underwriting. Crohn's call underwriting. individual consideration Hospitalization or complications within the past yr is decline. Mild/moderate is OK Decline if
used oxygen or catheter EVER, permanent usage Decline if EVER Decline if 12 mo, also catheter Decline if currently using oxygen. Also sleep apnea is a possible accept, call underwriting. Decline if
used unlawful drugs or prescription drugs other than as prescribed in past 5 yrs used or treated for amphetamines, cocaine, narcotics, hallucinogens, barbiturates Decline if except occasional social use of marijuana (smoker rates apply) Decline if past 10 years, also convicted of possession of drugs Decline if less than 5 yrs from end of use/treatment Decline if
used walker, wheelchair, electric scooter EVER, permanent usage Decline if if currently using wheelchair due to chronic illness or disease, call underwriting call underwriting 12 mo Decline if 12 mo used wheelchair due to chronic illness or disease Decline if