166 – Introduction to Lead Certification (Classroom Only) - Free


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*This is an exam only course. Make sure to take the in person class before enrolling. *

To find out when the next Intro to Lead class is offered contact the LPT at leads@naaleads.com, call the home office (336.227.3319) and ask to speak to a member of the LPT, or click here to enroll in the next class.

The Intro to Lead Certification class will teach you how to maximize your Lead Investment. By enrolling into the Intro to Lead Certification class you will ensure yourself that you are making the most of your budget by learning about each lead type, how they roll, and how they fit into your business and budget!

Because of the complexity of the lead system, The Lead Performance team (LPT) has developed the Lead Certification class as a way to offer an in-depth lead training to our agents. The class provides a complete look at our lead system from generation to distribution. Beginning with the basics of data collection, the LPT will walk you through how leads are created, what lead types are offered, and how to purchase leads through NAA’s unique Instant Purchase system.