112 – Albright Mini Mindsets (includes FIE) - $7.00



The Albright Mini Mindset is a group of mini courses offered exclusively through NAA University. These courses are hosted by National Agents Alliance President & CEO, Andy Albright. The concepts found in these courses come directly from his creative mind. In these courses, Albright explains to agents and staff about the training techniques he has developed and utilized. With the advanced training found within these courses, you will be able to develop yourself and your business into becoming more efficient and successful. Below you will find a list of courses found within the Albright Mini Mindset (100 Level).

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Positive All Bright Focus
The Positive All Bright Focus is a tool to help you grow and think positively. Getting your mind right by thinking positively is the first step towards progress, because progress happens when you are positive. By using the Positive All Bright Focus your mind will begin to open up to the positive possibilities. This tool will help you develop an optimistic outlook whenever a problem comes up in your life. Included in this course is a short informational video about the Positive All Bright Focus from Andy Albright himself. This video will teach you what you will need to know about how to think positively on your way to progress.

In this course, Andy Albright, President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, will teach you about a tool and method he uses called QQS, which stands for Quality, Quantity, and Spirit of Service. QQS is how the Alliance wants everyone to operate and how we create a culture of excellence. Taking this course will familiarize you with how NAA uses the QQS concept to determine the value of its agents and staff, and how you can assure your own value within the organization.

Ready, Fire, Aim
Andy Albright, the President & CEO of National Agents Alliance talks to agents and corporate staff about the technique he uses to implement projects. The Ready, Fire, Aim concept shows the common perception of time and money, and how efficiency can be increased through a new understanding of productivity as it pertains to working quickly and being more economical. This course will teach you how to use the Ready, Fire, Aim method within your agency, so you can best launch projects fast and effectively.

Financial Independence Engine
The Financial Independence Engine concept is a tool that Andy Albright used to grow his business to the level it is today. If you want to grow your business the way Andy grew his and want to think the way he thinks about finances, then you must understand the Financial Independence Engine. The Financial Independence Engine is a great tool to help you understand how to most effectively use your finances to drive your business. After passing this course, you will understand how to build your business the way Andy Albright built his.

List License Convention
In this course, Andy Albright, President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, will teach you about a tool and method he uses called LLC, which stands for List, License, and Convention. LLC helps get new agents rolling and it is a method you need to have in mind when you are talking to people you just hired. This course includes a video of Andy instructing you how to get an agent started quickly by using LLC!